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Testing Your Deutsch-Drahthaar

Upcoming Tests

The Great Plains Chapter typically has VJPs in Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

Fall tests are usually held in Alaska and Colorado/Wyoming

GNA members may view a current listing of GNA sponsored tests at:

Many tests fill up, so be prepared to submit your entry package promptly when tests are announced.

There may be JGHV tests available through other organizations such as NA-JGV and Rocky Mountain JGV. Check their websites for test availability.

Formblatt 1 Example

It is very important that Formblatt 1s are filled out completely and accurately. Your Test Director, Chapter Director of Testing, GNA Director of Testing and JGHV personnel will appreciate your complete, legible and accurate FB1. Suggest use of the fillable form on the GNA test page to produce a legible Formblatt 1. Please use the example and instructions below to ensure you submit a complete and accurate FB1.




Test Resources

Videos designed to help inexperienced handlers prepare for VJP and HZP tests are available to GNA members at:

GPC Test Results

Below are links to various test results from GPC sponsored tests. 

The Phyllis and Tony Johs Award

Johs Award Winners

HZP Score
HZP Location
Catarina vom Cherry Creek
Karen McNeese
Demopolis, AL (Armbruster)
Ines II vom Orion
Justin Trout
Duchesne, UT (Armbruster)
Cici vom Tundramoor
Don Lietzau
North Pole, AK
Becca vom Tundramoor
Don Lietzau
North Pole, AK
Nate vom Zeder
Woody Wimberley
Berthoud, CO
Charlotte vom Borealen
Tom St.Clair
Berthoud, CO

 Congratulations to Karen McNeese and Catarina vom Cherry Creek, the 2023 Johs Award winners! Karen and Catarina scored 188 at the Armbruster at Demopolis. They edged out Dalton Silvis and Bronx vom Sumpf AK who scored 187 at the North Pole, AK HZP. 

 The Johs award is presented to the Great Plains Chapter member who receives the highest HZP score each year, excluding points earned in hare track if applicable. The HZP may be from Armbruster and Hegewald and may be outside of GPC and need not be sponsored by GNA. The dog must be owned by a member of the GPC at the time the test is run.

 The Trophy will be kept and displayed in the "GPC museum", currently the Johs residence. It will be publicly displayed at selected GPC events. A plaque with the names of the winning dog, owner, and handler, date and place tested, and score will be added to the Trophy each year. The winner of the award will not receive the original trophy, but will receive a plaque memorializing the award.

 Any member who believes their HZP score is high enough to be in contention for award must send a copy of their official score sheet to the GPC chairman no later than November 30 of the applicable year. This is necessary because GPC may not be notified of all GPC member's HZP scores, especially for tests held outside of the chapter or sponsored by an out-of-group club.

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