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Great Plains Chapter Upcoming Events

Below are upcoming GPC Events. To add your event, please contact the web page administrator at

Point of Contact
Fairbanks, AK Summer HZP/VGP Training
May-August every Wednesday 6-8 PM
North Pole, Alaska. Chena Flood Control Project
Tom St.Clair 907-978-0104 John Banister 907-888-4121
Fall test training
Wyoming HZP/VGP Training
7/27, 28/2024, 8/10, 11/2024
Private and public grounds near Casper, WY
Linda Jugler 307-259-7038
Fall test training days
Colorado HZP/VGP Training Days
06/22/2024, 7/13/2024, 8/17/2024
Front Range training areas near Mead and Ft Lupton, CO
Dave Shaffer 303-579-3867
Fall test training days focused drags and water work
2025 Great Plains Chapter Annual Meeting
Nunn, CO
Lona Kluck 605-881-5097
Annual Meeting and Breed Show
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